Comparing Apples to Oranges

Comparing Apples to Oranges and What Makes Pacific Truss the Market Leader?

You could be forgiven for thinking a truss is a truss. Lumber braced together to support roofs & ceilings. We know they’re big and have to be strong! But, like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Skimping on the quality of these essential structural components is definitely not a good idea. You can’t upgrade your trusses later. This information is intended to explain what sets Pacific Truss apart – their design & manufacturing process. What you get with Pacific Truss is peace of mind, quality and expertise. That’s why those in the know trust Pacific Truss.


  • Many other companies have ‘minimally designed’ trusses – they will add more braces later on in order to support the panels or web. At Pacific Truss, instead of using 2×4 lumber we’ll upgrade to 2×6. This increases the size of high-stress webs so we can eliminate the need for ‘lateral bracing.’ Additionally, this decreases cost because customers won’t have to pay for multiple lateral braces.
  • Pacific Truss keeps panel sizes small, ensuring a straight, true truss (a nice flat ceiling). Our small panel size is usually about 8ft long. A longer panel will provide less support & the ceiling may sag. If larger panels are needed or if the panel is not straight enough, Pacific Truss provides additional webs for support. Other companies make panels longer because it requires less material, which means their costs are lower.

  • A good example is Long-Term Deflection (panels starting to sag) for example with a clay tile roof. These tiles, which are approx 18psf, can be too heavy for a regular 2×4 panel. Pacific Truss will upgrade to a 2×6 panel in order to support the load and avoid deflection issues.

 Customer service:

  • Customer service always comes first at Pacific Truss – we build what’s best for your project, not what’s easiest and cheapest for us.
  • Pacific Truss goes over a detailed layout of the trusses with the customer before manufacturing starts. And we always let the customer know about possible additional costs before building begins.
  • Additionally, our designers are always available to talk things over with the client or contractor. As our senior truss designer Larry says, “We cater to the customer.”

Professional and Industry Reputation:

  • Pacific Truss is referenced by engineers quite often. We answer a lot of their questions and provide a lot of advice on engineers’ truss projects & decisions. Engineers don’t usually have a catalogue of truss formats like Pacific Truss does. This can make things confusing or difficult when using wood material that needs to be adjusted, so engineers will spec concrete or steel instead and that ends up being far more expensive.
  • Pacific Truss has been a member of the Western Wood Truss Association of BC since the early 80’s. WWTA is an association that ensures quality in truss design and manufacture. Pacific Truss runs in-house testing every week and is tested by an external auditor four times per year. Pacific Truss consistently wins awards for quality assurance, ranking in the top 10% of truss manufacturers.
  • Our truss designers have 150 years of combined/collective experience between them!
  • Check out Pacific Truss’ memberships and certifications!

 Please feel free to contact us if you need any more information or to request a quote on your project.