Can you provide a “barrel” vault in a particular area of the roof?

Q: I’m looking for some different architectural features in my new home. Can you provide a “barrel” vault in a particular area of the roof?

A: Funny you ask!

I am just in the midst of designing a barrel vault roof system right now and you might be surprised at some of the possibilities!

There are several different options with the simplest being just a “bowstring” truss. This is where the top of the truss, or the roof section, is the only rounded part, with the ceiling remaining flat.

bowstring truss

Another option is where only the ceiling is barrel vaulted and the roof can be any other configuration.

barrel ceiling truss

And yet another, which is my favourite, the ceiling and roof are both barrel shaped.

barrel truss

The possibilities are really endless and the spans that can be achieved make this a very reasonably priced option. The biggest advantage to having roof trusses like this over say a conventionally framed barrel vault or Glulam beams, is that you can get so much more insulation into the roof cavity. There is no “steaming” of lumber to “bend” it, no expensive special order arched beams or any construction delays. We can build these right in our factory to your exact specifications and you can install them with very little effort.

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