After the wall panels are installed, does the 1 1/2″ void get filled up?

Q: With the wall panels, after they are installed with the 2×4 horizontal strapping, does the remaining 1 1/2″ void get filled up with more Styrofoam? Also how big, long and wide, do you make the wall panels?

A: Yes! Our wall panels do contain a 1-1/2” void that we commonly supply 1” EPS (extruded polystyrene) rigid panels for. The reason for the 1” panel is to leave a 1/2” void that you can run your electrical wiring through.  Once the wiring is installed and complete, the infill panel is then set in place and drywall installed over.

As far as maximum dimensions for our wall panels goes, we are only limited by a few factors. Probably the most influential factor is shipping width. We must keep the height of the walls to something that can still be shipped down a highway, or even less when shipped in a container bound for remote areas. Typically walls are constructed at either 8’ or 9’ and are broken into panel lengths to suit the plan requirements. We can build panels up 20’ long if required. We even make tall wall panels for vaulted ceilings by splitting them and shipping them sideways.

I hope this answers your question about our Pacific SmartWall® panels but if you need more information please feel free to contact any one of our knowledgeable sales staff.

2x6 Pacific SmartWall® Diagram 10.09.2014-640x480

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