The plates have loosened or fallen off the bottom joints of some trusses. How can I repair that?

Q: I am with Re/Max in Qualicum Beach, but for many years I built homes on the Island. Today I was informed by a home inspector of a problem with trusses and on review all the joiners along the whole back centre section of a roof had failed. The metal clamps had either loosened off or in some cases fallen right off the truss leaving the roof very soft. We are looking for a solution to repair these joints that will pass future inspections, do you have any advice?

A: Wow!  That’s not good.  In order for the trusses to perform as intended, all the connector plates need to be in place! The connector plates must be factory installed and cannot be added or modified on site. The trusses will need to undergo a review by a structural engineer and could possibly be made good again by applying plywood gussets sized correctly for the forces in the joints. The engineer will be able to provide that information and seal for approval to pass future inspections.

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