New Garage in Saanich, BC

Built by Waterfront Homes and installed by Drennan Construction. Pacific Truss engineered floors and trusses have arrived onsite in Saanich, BC. With the added attic space designed into the trusses, our customers will soon enjoy the comfort of some extra space.

Saanich,BC - Waterfront Homes web ready


  1. We are planning some home renovations, including adding a new room, and I am learning all about the building process. It was neat to see this picture of the construction taking place. I liked being able to see the trusses and what the frame of a house looks like. Is it hard to design more space into the trusses, or does it just depend on the home? Thanks for the information!

    • Karensa Camplair says:

      Yes, depending on your home design adding more living space in the truss area can be easily accommodated using either attic or parachord trusses. If you need help designing your new home’s roof layout, contact us for assistance!

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