What is a Passive House Exactly?

Passive House

Passive House is a high-performance based building standard that was developed in Europe. It focuses on reducing or eliminating the need for an active heating or cooling system to maintain a comfortable interior climate. This is achieved through an efficient design that utilizes passive heating and cooling techniques and an optimized building envelope that is airtight, super-insulated and fitted with energy efficient windows and a heat recovery ventilation system (HRV).

Wood is an attractive material for Passive House because of how it combines thermal mass with a number of performance merits, including water resistance, structural integrity and finish quality. Wood is often the material of choice for prefabricated Passive House designed panels.

Passive House certification is a rigorous quality assurance process that determines whether a building meets all of the requirements of the Passive House standard. More importantly, it confirms that the building has been designed to achieve high levels of occupant comfort and health and energy performance.

Passive House explained in 90 seconds!

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