A Hefty Delivery

Our Truline Truss delivery truck is loaded and ready to go with our customer’s substantial 60′ x 14′ engineered trusses.


Large Garage in North Saanich

Pacific Truss supplies prefabricated wall panels, Simpson Strong Walls and engineered roof trusses for this sizeable garage being built by Wade Johnson Construction in North Saanich, BC.




In the Highlands

Philco Construction is building this new home in the Highlands with Pacific Truss engineered floors, prefabricated walls and roof trusses.


In Saltair

JPL Construction are busy building this new home in Saltair, BC with engineered floors and prefabricated trusses supplied by Pacific Truss.

Duncan Addition

Pacific Truss supplies engineered trusses for an addition of a shop/dance studio for our happy customers whom we provided engineered products to a few years back.

Duncan, BC Current Project28 (1)Duncan, BC Current Project28 (2)


A new home in Duncan, BC being built by Gary Whitaker, features snazzy new engineered trusses by Pacific Truss.

duncan,_bc_current_project28 (2)

duncan,_bc_current_project28 (1)duncan,_bc_current_project28 (3)

A shop to add to a barn

We’ve supplied trusses for this new shop being built by S&B Construction next to the matching barn that was built in the Spring.



March 17, 2015More from the new Barn in Cobble Hill

March 4, 2015New Barn in Cobble Hill

New home in Cobble Hill

Our lovely trusses installed, by S&B Construction, on a new home in Cobble Hill, BC. With the vaulted trusses and large openings in the great room, looks like it will have a spacious and bright atmosphere!


79′ Trusses in Duncan

Although not our longest trusses ever built, 79′ still demands recognition! Our customer’s trusses for their riding arena headed out to site on Tuesday, loaded aboard a crane truck and pilot car.


New home in Langford

Pacific Truss supplies handsomely superb engineered floors and trusses for our customer’s new home in Langford, BC.