Looking Into 2015


My initial thoughts about the coming year are mostly positive. Many of our customers are very busy and certainly the level of quoting is very high for this time of year. It seems we have rounded the corner in BC and construction levels are slowly improving. Overall this is still a great part of the country to live especially as I saw today it was over 30 below throughout much of the Prairie provinces. I believe we will see another wave of migration from the Prairies to Vancouver Island which will help to further stimulate the construction industry. We are also at the beginning of the largest ever wealth transfer from “baby boom” parents to their children. This will afford the down payment that has been so difficult for these families to get together given the high cost of real estate. My only concern, which is shared by many contractors, is the ability to find good employees to take advantage of the increased volume. We have been fortunate to attract great employees thus far, but I suspect we will all be spending more time looking for employees. Maybe the downturn in the oil patch will bring back some of the keen young workers who will look to the construction industry for more stable employment.  I wish you all the best in the New Year.

Cow Bay to Cherry Point