Energy-efficiency Certification Comes To Multi-family Homes

Built Green

Built Green Canada has branched out with a new plan for energy efficiency in multi-family development.

Since 2003, the third-party national certification program has offered builders a rating based on the construction methods and materials used in single-family homes. In June, Built Green Canada launched its High-Density Program, which certifies energy efficiency in wood-frame construction of residential structures three-and-a-half storeys and taller in Alberta. “The same principles we built our single-family program on were applied to HD [high density],” says Built Green Canada executive director Jenifer Christenson. Ratings are based on a checklist that includes use of materials such as energy efficient furnaces, air conditioners, appliances, windows, and lighting options, plus water-saving toilets, low-flow showers and faucets. A home’s energy efficiency is rated bronze, silver, gold or platinum, which is the highest. Built Green had a multi-storey and residential tower program in place for three years before creating its High-Density Program, which has been in a pilot phase since 2011. Via Calgary Herald