It’s Good To Be PINK!


Pacific Truss is excited to announce its partnership with PINKWOOD I-Joist out of Calgary. PINKWOOD’s product offers many advantages – there is no other I-Joist manufacturer at this time that provides a fire, mold and moisture resistant I-Joist. Pacific Truss is always looking to find products that separate us from the pack and this is definitely one of them.

Other factors that really drew us to PINKWOOD were: it’s produced in Canada, and PINKWOOD donates 1 cent per lineal foot to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – that’s the reason they colour their product pink. Even with these advantages Pacific Truss is still going to maintain the same price structure as we had with untreated joists. The PINKWOOD I-Joists were very well received by local contractors at our recent Pacific Truss Open House.

This new relationship will mean doing things a little differently. PINKWOOD is a short length program, not at all what our market is used to. For many years Pacific Truss has designed with the longest length in mind and we now need to modify that process. Pacific Truss will work with our contractors, clients and staff to ensure this transition is as simple as possible. It won’t be a big deal.

Pinkwood is very excited to be partnered with us and are more than willing to offer time for training and support. We look forward to a long relationship with a company that is progressive and ahead of the curve – much the same as Pacific Truss.