Smart Construction Pacific SmartWall® Advantage

Our exclusive Pacific SmartWall® Systems are exactly that. SMART, in design and construction.

In comparison with the conventional 2×6 wood frame wall, our Pacific SmartWall® has considerably less heat loss and gain resulting in a net improvement in energy efficiency of up to 128%. These results show your Pacific SmartWall® Home will use significantly less energy to heat and cool your home year after year.


As a result of our quality manufacturing process, the Pacific SmartWall® has reduced sound transmission and less air infiltration. Laboratory air leakage tests show that the Pacific SmartWall® has significantly lower air leakage than that of a conventional wall.


Quick, easy, one-step construction means your home can be locked up in a matter of days. Not only does that make for a substantial reduction of on-site labour and materials costs and waste, the house itself is swiftly protected from inclement weather.


Precision is a priority of  Pacific Homes. Pacific SmartWall® Systems are built in our factory to exact specifications using lasers and quality industrial equipment to guarantee engineering accuracy.


A continual 2″ x 3″ horizontal mounting area makes it easier to hang drywall, cabinetry and decorating accessories.


Pacific SmartWall® uses expanded polystyrene, the most cost-effective insulation material. Clean, non-toxic, and fire retardant, this inert product does not contain or release CFC’s or other gases.


There is no sagging or deterioration in the EPS of our Pacific SmartWall® System, unlike other types of insulation.

Our Building Components

Are designed to exceed engineering and structural standards, and are built to your exact specifications.