PinkWood helps in a condo fire in Calgary

Photo by Meghan Grant (CBC News)

PK Fireboard helps to reduce damages at a multi-family construction site fire in McKenzie Towne, Calgary, Alberta.

There was a 3 alarm fire at a multi-family construction site in McKenzie Towne on Sunday night September 16th, 22 units were destroyed and 12 units damaged. Thankfully no one was hurt but the damages are estimated between $3 and $4 million.

Thanks to the efforts of the Calgary Fire Department and the fact that the city of Calgary adopted Alberta Fire Code (AFC) Protection of Adjacent Buildings the damages could have been much higher. One of the methods included in AFC is the use of sheathing with fire resistant coatings. The developer in this case used PinkWood’s PK Fireboard sheathing.

Photo by Meghan Grant (CBC News)

– At the end of the article below is a quote from the Calgary Sun, “Fire retardant materials helped contain the spread of the flames,” said fire spokesman Jayson Doyscher. Click on the link below;

Calgary Sun article – McKenzie Towne Condo Fire

 – In this Global News clip is a quote from Battalion Fire Chief Ernie Molineaux regarding the benefit of fire retardant coatings and from Alderman Shane from Ward 12 talking about expanding the use of fire resistant sheathing. Click on the link below; (story is 1 min 9 sec into the news hour video)

Global News – Condo Fire in McKenzie Towne

– In this story, Jayson Doyscher with the Calgary Fire Department said, “in addition to dozens of firefighters – fire resistant materials mandated by new building regulations are being credited for stopping the spread of the blaze.” Click on the link below;

CBC Calgary News

Photo by Jeremy Davidson