Results Are In: R-31 & R-37!

Elemental Energy Advisors has performed a number of energy audits on our Pacific Homes to calculate and determine their energy performance using the HOT2000 Software.

 After calculating R-values for both Pacific SmartWallsTM and standard conventional walls with fiberglass batt insulation the difference is amazing! 2×6 conventional with batt insulation wall is rated at an R-17 compared to our Pacific SmartWallTM rated at an R-31. 2×8 conventional with batt insulation wall is rated at an R-23 compared to our Pacific 2×8 SmartWallTM rated at an R-37. We’re ecstatic as this means huge energy savings for our customers!

 What is HOT2000 Software? – Trained and certified R-2000 plan evaluators, such as Elemental Energy Advisors, use HOT2000 software to determine how much energy each home will use and to ensure that this level is at or below the energy target set by the R-2000 Standard.  Here’s how it works… [Learn more]

 What is the R-2000 Standard? – R-2000 is a voluntary standard administered by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and is delivered through a network of service organizations and professionals across Canada. [Learn more]


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